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Counterculture/Subculture Project  

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Learning Targets

I can research my subculture or counterculture using credible web sources.

I can research specific questions about my subculture or counterculture.

I can film and edit a well-produced 30 second video which encapsulates the information I have learned about my subculture or counterculture.


Storyboard Template


Project Guidelines

Counterculture/Subculture Project Guidelines

Directions: You have chosen a counterculture or a subculture project to research.

By the end you will need to create a short 30 second video that tells us all about the counterculture or subculture. In that video answer these questions:

1)     What are the characteristics that define this culture?

2)    What are the central beliefs/ideas that make this culture what it is?

3)    What about this counterculture or subculture makes it so different from the norm that it is a counter or subculture?



1)     In on time: This is one of those things that will be used in class so it needs to turned in on time.

2)    The video needs to be as close to 30 seconds as possible no more and no less than about 5 seconds.

3)    It needs to give a good full explanation of the subculture or counterculture.


Subculture Research Links



Beat Movement


Motorcycle Gangs Still Riding High

Bikers: A Sustainable Subculture Model


Bronies are Redefining Fandom

The Bros Who Love My Little Pony

 Deaf Cultures

Deaf Culture

American Deaf Culture


Emo Music and Youth Culture

What exactly is 'emo' anyway?


Video Games' Place in America

Video Game Subcultures


Goth Subculture

World Goth Day



Grunge: A Success Story

Grunge: Music



 Hippie: Subculture

Youth Culture and the Generation Gap


The Hipster's Movement



The Secret Life of Juggalos

Juggalo: The Insane Clown Posse


Nerd Nation: Otaku

Visual Kei Otaku Identity


6 Modern Subcultures

Otherkin Timeline


Subculture of Americans

Bullets, beans, and Band-Aids


No future? Punk is still the sound of youth rebellion

A Detailed Journey into the Punk Subculture


The rave culture

How the Internet Transformed the American Rave Scene


Elvis is still king

The people who are STILL living like it's 1951

 Glam Rock

Glam Rock: A British Subculture

The Twisted Tale of Glam Rock


Play and the Subculture of LARPing

Can LARPing bring about social change?


About Surfing and Skating Youth Subcultures

Skate Perception


Steampunk's Subculture Revealed

Steampunk Moves Between 2 Worlds

 Straight Edge

The Twisterd World of a 'Straight Edge' Gang

Special Issue: Straight Edge Culture


About LGBT Youth Subculture

LGBT Historic Context Statement


Texts by J. Rowling's Fans

Beyond Dumbledore's Army


Costuming as Subculture

Cosplay is Creative


What is the Greaser Subculture?

Happy Days and Wonder Years


Forties Subculture: Zazou

Swing Under Nazis


Veganism as a Cultural Movement

Vegans in America



The Flapper


Amish Church

Who's Amish & Who's Not


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